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1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-V

Model Year: April 1999

Model Type: Skyline

Grade: 25GT-V

Engine: RB25DE-->RB25DET turbo 

Color: Purple Metallic

Mileage: 153,407 kms

Transmission: 5 speed manual

VIN: ER34-023861

Now available is a 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 25GT-V which was a limited production of sedans with a manual 5 speed transmission from factory, viscous LSD, and upgraded brake calipers from the turbo models. However, this Skyline has been swapped with a NEO RB25DET and manual transmission from an R32 GTR. The car is also repainted in a very unique dark purple with lots of metallic and glitter to give it a truly unique look. 


*Stateside eligible April 2024*
*Accident free*



-Slotted brake rotors

-Custom exhaust with lever controlled flap for muffling sound

-TEIN coilovers

-Cusco rear upper control arms

-HPI air filter 

-Strut bar

-Over fenders

-FRP hood

-18" Cleave Racing wheels

*The aftermarket parts are not under warranty and may be old so we cannot offer a guarantee everything will work. If you have any questions please contact*


Engine Startup

Gravity Auto (Hanamaru.Co.,Ltd.)

Tel: 080-3013-0870

Address: 70-3 Takamori Isehara Kanagawa 

Open:  9:30am-6:30pm 

Close: 1st & 3rd Saturday and every Sunday



Instagram: @870_gravity

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