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1991 NISSAN Skyline GT-R BNR32

Model Year: September, 1991

Mileage: 166,200km

Exterior: White Pearl

Transmission: 5-speed Manual

Engine: RB26DETT, 2.6-litter, 6-cylinder, Twin Turbo, 280-hp

VIN: BNR32-212762

Aftermarket 18-inch Rims

Aftermarket Adjustable Suspension

KAKIMOTO Racing Exhaust 

Aftermarket Front Tower Bar

Aftermarket LED License Light

Mine's Boost Gauge


PIONEER Front Tweeters

Veilside Shift Knob

LONZA Foot Pedals

TRUST Seat Belt (Driver's Seat)

Tel: 080-3013-0870 (English)

       046-259-3166 (Japanese)

Address: 2-775 Iriya Zama Kanagawa Japan

Open:  10:00am-7:00pm (Sunday & National Holiday: 10:00am-6:00pm)

Close: Every Wednesday


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