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1998 Nissan Stagea 25t RS Four S

Car Price: USD 12,800

Model Year: Nov 1998

Model Type: Stagea

Grade: 25t RS Four S

Engine: RB25DET Neo turbo

Color: Pearl White

Mileage: 159,567 kms

Transmission: 5 speed manual

VIN: WGNC34-123359


Now available is a 1998 Nissan Stagea 25t RS Four S which comes with factory 5 speed manual transmission and powerful RB25DET Neo engine making 280 hp from factory in an AWD package. These Stageas are quick and agile thanks to its chassis and sharing many parts with the R34 Skylines. Also comes factory with an LSD. This is not your ordinary grocery getter.


*Stateside eligible Nov 2023*

*Accident free!*

*Timing belt changed at 121,510 kms*



-Aftermarket exhaust

-Rays 19" rims

-Body kit

-Front mount intercooler

-Aluminum shift knob

-Front strut bar


Engine Startup

Gravity Auto (Hanamaru.Co.,Ltd.)

Tel: 080-3013-0870

Address: 70-3 Takamori Isehara Kanagawa 

Open:  9:30am-6:30pm 

Close: 1st & 3rd Saturday and every Sunday



Instagram: @870_gravity

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