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1993 NISSAN 180SX TYPEⅢ Turbo


Model year: July, 1993

Mileage: 143,800 km

Exterior color: Black

Engine: SR20DET, 4-Cylinder, Turbo, 205-hp

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

VIN: RPS13-031368

D-MAX Adjustable Suspension

MOMO Steering Wheel

Aftermarket Exhaust

BLITZ Turbo Timer

Aftermarket Euro LED Tail Light

Aftermarket Rear Adjustable Control Arm 

Aftermarket Rear Adjustable Upper Arm 

Aftermarket Rear Adjustable Traction Rod 

Aftermarket Body Kit

Aftermarket LSD


Pioneer CD Player

S15 Genuine Seats (Driver & Passenger  Seats)

Aftermarket Tower Bars (Front & Back)

BLITZ Blow-off Valve

ORIGIN Front High-angle Pirro Tension Rod

Stepmaster/Swiss Boost Meter

P-1 Racing 17-inch wheels

Navan Shift Knob

RAYBRIG Crystal Headlight Lens

M's Air Cleaner

Japanese Operation Manual is available !!

Tel: 080-3013-0870 (English)

       046-259-3166 (Japanese)

Address: 2-775 Iriya Zama Kanagawa Japan

Open:  10:00am-7:00pm (Sunday & National Holiday: 10:00am-6:00pm)

Close: Every Wednesday


Check the following Condition's VIDEO !! ↓↓↓

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