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About US Spec

*We verify car history by or  

US Spec. cars should have these three requirements below:

(We sell them only if those three requirements are on the cars.)


*VIN number (on the top of the dash board, driver's side)

*DOT sticker (on the door pillar)

*EPA sticker (in the engine bay)

VIN number

DOT sticker


EPA sticker 




Since these cars are driven in Japan, sometimes odometer has been

replaced from Mile to Km, and also other parts might be changed from the original ones

to Japanese ones).
In these cases, we can't be responsible for these changes.

So Please consult with us if you have any questions.



Vehicle History Report is

How to ship to US
If you are in US military member, please ask to VRO/PMO for the shipping process. 
Or we can offer commercial shipment. 

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