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U.S.SPEC 2002 BMW 330Ci Convertible 

2002 BMW 330Ci Convertible !!


Price: US$ 9,800



One Owner 

Mileage: 35,000 miles

No Crash History

VIN: WBABS53402JU89296


This Convertible is Completely One Owner !!


The Previous Owner was a Japanese !!

Car Fax Available !!


November/ 2001, he bought this Convertible as a new car at BMW Dealer in California. 

December/ 2002, he went back to Japan with this Convertible.

He took care of this Convertible very well after he came back to Japan.


There are many BMW Dealer's Service Records in Japan.

Winter is the Best Season to drive Convertible in Japan.  


Why ?


Not many insects, Not too strong sun shine, Not many windy day, Not many pollen.




When he doesn't drive it, he put a body  cover on the exterior to keep the beauty.

Good Point of Convertible is that you can enjoy 2 body styles.


You can taste both closed style and opened style ! 

Someone say that E46 is too old.  


But if we add some after market parts on the car, the impression of the car is changed dramaticaly.

Angel Eyes !!


Same Equipement with newer generation !!


Anti-aging !

HID Head Light & Fog Light !


Giving us fresh image !


White & Bright Light !


Compatible with Utility & Looks !



18 inch After Market Wheels !!


The design looks like E63 M6's one.


The wheels rejuvenate the old image of this car !

I like this angle.


The Sprots Image of this car is increased  by these wheels. 


The hight of this car is still original.


So you don't need to care of gap of the road.

Left Hand Drive (LHD).


Are you miss LHD ?


In Japan, it is easier to care of pedestrian in sidewalk.





Beautiful Car makes you elegant ! 
People will think your life is brilliant because you drive beautiful car. 

Air Conditioner works well. 
It means that You can enjoy driving the convertible at anywhere and anytime. 

The Leather Seats still remain bright color. 
Passengers prefer to sit on the beautiful leather seats ! 

I think that convertible is useful.


Because the sky in the car is your space.


You can carry even surfboad !



If there is no roof, you can walk through inside of the car easier than other car.

If there is no roof, you can get on or off easier than other types of cars.


You can even jump into or out of the car.






I guess the previous owner was non smoker.


Because the Ashtray is still clean.


You don't need to care about the smell or stain of cigarette.


It is good for kids or baby !! 

Unfortunately, this Navigation is Japanese.


But it is also the monitor for its back up camera !

The Back Camera helps you to park this convertible between 2 cars on the street in a big city of Japan. 

Not too big space !


But you have unlimited space !


It means sky !

The roof is super clean.


No Rain Leaking !







EPA sticker


Emission certification

DOT sticker for States

This Color is not existed in Japanese Model.


Show Japanese Poeple the color in the street.

Weak Points of E46 has been improved ! 


Engine Oil Maintenance has been done regularly.



Under Side of the car


No Major Problem !


He took care of this  convertible through  dealer regularly.



No Major Leaking !


Previous Owner seemed to love this car very much.

No Major Rust.


He didn't drive this car too much.

Car Fax Available !


Not Many Shops  show their customers Car Fax in Japan.

Check the car's history in States.

There are many Dealer's Service Records in Japan. 
Lots of Consumption Parts  has been replaced. 
Water Hose, Thermostat, Water Pump has been replaced. 
Trunk Lid Motor has been replaced. 
Fuel Filter, Fuel Hose has been replaced. 

English Dealer's Manual !


You don't need to waste of time to translate !

Does anybody have Video Player ?

It is the import certification of Japan for this convertible.



What's kind of people to keep the title of California in Japan ?


Of course, it is good things though....



This is Body Cover for this convertible.


You can feel his love for this convertible through this goods.

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